Letter from the City of Cambridge:CityofCambridgeKevinHoskins

For Kevin, the wheels are always turning. He is a problem solver, strategist, and difference maker. Kevin has the rare knack for combining a savvy business mind with a warmness essential to the cultivation of strong partnerships. Any organization fortunate enough to have Kevin on their team will no doubt appreciate his ever-present smile and quick wit. – Christopher Jackson, Branding Science

When Kevin was at The Middle East, he was one of the best talent buyers in the city. He not only knew the music, but also knew how to work with lots of partners in very creative ways. When we worked with him, we covered everything from concerts and private events to an entire mobile initiative, and Kevin brought great perspective and insight on how to make sure everyone would win. Bottom line is that Kevin just “gets it.” – Brad Mindich, Inveniem

Kevin is a bright, open booker with an eye to the future. Met with him frequently to brainstorm about features and new directions for concert information and always considered him a head and an expert. He is one of my most highly valued connections in the industry. – Chris Marstall, Awesome Foundation

After years of having Kevin in our music scene as one of the top players, I asked him to speak to my music biz. class at Berklee and he blew us away. His ability to break down complicated deals, complicated situations into teachable points was masterful. He is a good man, an experienced and generous leader. I strongly can recommend Kevin for great projects that will come his way. – Ralph Jaccodine, Berklee College of Music

In my experience, Kevin has never been timid in sharing his views and opinions when he thinks things can be done better, or more effectively.

Furthermore, he is a pleasure to work with and will be an invaluable asset to any team that brings him on board. Kevin’s noggin contains a wealth of real-world knowledge…Kevin is essential. – David Buivid, Gensler

Kevin was the brain behind the amazing concerts at the Middle East Nightclub. His ability to negotiate great deals brought success to the club, while his interpersonal skills developed life-long relationships with countless agents, bands, and managers. He knows what to do, and when to do it; he is a time and task management pro. Kevin is professional, great at communicating, and a strong leader. – Rian Finnegan, Peloton

Kevin is the rare “real deal” that you hear so much about, but rarely encounter. I’ve put myself in his hands on numerous occasions, and have always emerged happy and healthy and prosperous. you will too. – Chris Newmyer, 30 Milkshakes / Highway Wolf

I have worked with Kevin on various projects in the music & entertainment space for almost a decade. He is one of the professional, dialed in, and big picture minded agents in the scene. He is diligent about communication and is professional in all his dealings with artists, managers, agents, and the like. It has always been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship in the future. – Ben Maitland-Lewis, Pretty Instant

Kevin is one of the few booking agents/promoters that I have worked with who has integrity, expertise, honesty, and a willingness to help bands achieve their goals by offering in-depth realistic advice, traits rarely found in the music business. – Greg Moon, Harpoon Brewery

Kevin is an extremely hard-working and passionate talent buyer who always has a knack for knowing who to book where and when. Not only does he work hard for the club he’s working at to ensure the venue does well but he works hard to build long-standing relationships with the bands and the scene to not just have one great show but to build up years worth of good shows. He has also given back to the music community by co-founding the free Rock Shop educational series to help aspiring musicians / promoters / etc. Kevin is always thinking about what’s next in music, always two steps ahead of most, and always thinking with the long-term health of a venue / scene / etc in mind. – Steve Theo, Pirate!

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